Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Line

The Perfect CNC Beam Line for the Small to Medium Fabricator!

Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line for steel fabricators Ocean Machinery has had a tremendous impact on the United States Structural Steel Fabricating Industry. Since 2001, Ocean Machinery sold over 250 CNC beam drill lines into small and medium fabricating shops across the country, completely revolutionizing the way small fabricators process beams and all types of profiles.

Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line for steel fabricators In 2003 Ocean Machinery and Peddinghaus teamed up to develop the first Ocean Avenger Beam Line, a highly productive and successful CNC beam line that quickly became the default standard for small fabricators across the world, and quickly made all other machines obsolete! 

Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line for steel fabricators In October 2004 Ocean Machinery and Peddinghaus unveiled their latest Ocean Avenger Drill Line, and quickly sold 19 machines in only 2 months. We have already installed more than 200 Ocean Avenger Beam Drills in less than 3 years. We are currently producing 8 machines each month to supply the unprecedented demand for these exceptional drill lines - view Ocean Avenger Drill Line here - See the new Avenger Video

Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line for steel fabricators This very simple yet highly effective beam drill line is designed and manufactured for Ocean Machinery right here in the USA, by Peddinghaus, the most respected name in structural Steel Fabricating Machinery.

Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line for steel fabricators To see how this exceptionally productive beam drill line operates, please visit our beam drill line overview page, which illustrates its superb appeal to the small and medium fabricator.

Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line for steel fabricators Just how fast is the Ocean Avenger Drill Line????? Well we have drilled over 450 holes in one hour and we have the video to prove it - click here to view the Ocean Avenger drilling 450 holes in one hour!


The Ocean Avenger is manufactured exclusively for Ocean Machinery by Peddinghaus.



NEW! Ocean Flipper Beam Rotating Device

The NEW Ocean Flipper is the perfect addition to your single spindle drill line. Free up your cranes and your labor. The Flipper lifts and rotates your beams and columns, and positions the profiles up against the datum line ready to be drilled!

>> Find out more information on the NEW Ocean Flipper Beam Rotating Device


You've been told by many that the Ocean Avenger is the fastest single spindle drill line on the market. Well we can prove it. In august we ran a test with the Avenger and drilled 450 holes in ONE HOUR - click to read more

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NEW - The fastest selling  Beam Line in the world!

You've heard the buzz in the industry about the new Ocean Avenger - now you can see the latest version and just how fast this amazing machine really is. Be prepared to be amazed. This machine will save you tons of money and pay for itself in months!!

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Click image to play the Video

See the New Ocean Avenger Drill 10 holes in 75 seconds!

NEW - Ocean Terminator Dual Column Dual Miter Band Saws for Structural Fabricators

Ocean Machinery, in cooperation with Hyd-Mech have launched a new series of band saws for the structural steel fabricators. These extremely versatile and affordable saws will cut profiles up to 42" in size and any weight - Click for more details

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NEW - Steel Detailing Software

Do you detail in AutoCAD and want to run your Ocean Avenger Beam Line  directly from your steel detailing drawings - well we have the solution for you!

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